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Fossil fuel belongs to the past

That's why we started an EV-only leasing company in 2008. We want to banish fossil fuel for the mobility sector by making EV's accessible one step at the time.

We specialize in Full Operational Tesla Lease

This focus allows us to prove an EV has 5 times the lifespan an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle has. We offer accessible lease rates, a healthy occasion offering and our 13 years of EV experience.

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Autonomous driving is the future

While one EV replaces one ICE vehicle, one Full Self-Driving EV replaces 3+ ICE vehicles. We will be among the first-movers to help create and build a self-driving fleet of robotaxi’s.

Let’s be honest, the traditional car has met its limits and is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

Help yourself and the world by contributing to the most important transportation revolution since the invention of the automobile. Full Self-Driving EV’s are the future!

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